About Venture INC

Venture INC is a programme developed and delivered by Rainmaking for Keppel Corporation. As part of their internal innovation efforts, we aim to develop talent with entrepreneurial knowledge and skills as well as unlock growth by identifying, developing and investing in ideas that demonstrate proven market potential.

Our Corporate Innovation Programmes

We design, build and execute on bespoke internal innovation programmes for corporates; putting innovation at the heart of the business agenda.
Our world-class startup coaches and mentors leverage key methodologies used by best-in-class startups to successfully lead your teams in a process to experiment, de-risk ideas, and capture invaluable market insights.

Why is that important? Our clients are empowered to generate and identify the best ideas and create a faster route-to-market, delivering commercial impact, growth and new revenue streams.

To make things simpler, we specifically created the 20/20 Corporate Entrepreneurship programme to help our corporate partners identify and test the ideas that will deliver future growth in a short timeframe. And quickly.

The ASEAN team

Samuel Hall

Partner & CEO

Michael Pomerleau


Colin Alison

Associate Partner

Vanessa Yong

Program Director

Amanda Chen


Jaskaran Bhalla

Innovation Manager

Virginie Hello

Innovation Manager

Nigel Teh

Innovation Manager

Rachel Tan


Louis Ng


Yoann Burnel


Some of our clients


Developing understanding and culture shift among Engie’s APAC Management on innovation methodologies and engines of growth to capture future value


Equipped Engie’s APAC Management with skills and mindset they need to build new capabilities inside their organization through workshops on Business Model Innovation and lean startup methodology


Identifying concrete growth opportunities and execution pathways to position its shipping business for future value capture


Developed data-backed commercially impactful opportunity spaces that underpins innovation efforts in a balanced portfolio of venture builds and commercial pilots with startups



Inspiring senior leadership team to new frontiers and emerging business models to rapidly ideate new solutions within their businesses


Innovation coaching to introduce tools and methodologies to generate, evaluate and ideate viable business cases that are actionable post session



If you have any questions, you want to meet up or you need more information, send us a message. We will make sure we answer promptly.